Words by Sam Learmonth

Illustration by Hannah Quigley

Edited by James Barnett, Guy Melzack and Jo Brenner

Narrated by Kat Hutchinson

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If you look up to the sky
when it's dark at night,

you'll see lots of stars,

lights, twinkling bright.


You may sometimes notice a moon appear,

it's dull and grey and not very clear.

One little being lives there on their own.

Can you see Mica, who is always alone?

Every day Mica watches space telly.

The Earth seems so full of colour,

unlike Mica’s moon, 

which seems so much duller.

On Earth people have fun
and regularly get together.

On Mica's moon there's no one, whatsoever.

What Mica saw on television,

made the bear make a big decision.

The first person Mica met was Divyansh 

who felt so very proud

to show the bear around,

and welcome Mica into the crowd.


“It’s bright in lots of ways.

It’s our festival of lights.

Flowers and colour during the days,

candles and lamps into the nights.

"When the night time comes

and all is dark,

we let off fireworks

that glitter and spark.

So Mica boarded a rocket

and left the Moon so grey. 

to fly to Earth,

on a magic holiday.

Deciding to fly

from nation to nation

to find out why

each has a celebration.

Mica travelled through space

in a rocket so grand.

India was the first place

where it would land.

"We call it Diwali here,

we celebrate it every year.

"Next there is somewhere you should go.

To my friend Barbara in Mexico."

“Paper skeletons are created,

sugar skulls get decorated.

All these bones and spooky stuff

help us say hello to people we love.

"It's called Dia de Muertos here,

we celebrate it every year.

"But for more fun to see,

Lamu in Kenya is the place to be."

Mica met Barbara and had to ask,

why she wore a spooky skull mask. 

“It’s because it’s our day of the dead,

but it’s not scary,” Barbara said.


“The skeletons we wear, aren’t meant to scare,

they remind us all to offer a prayer

for everyone we’ve ever known.

They may have gone, but they aren’t alone.


So the bear met Jeremy and, best of all

he showed Mica his local festival.

"Music and dances, 

stories and song, 

this is a festival

where we all belong. 

"We have racing boats and donkeys too,

recitals from poets and lots to do."

In Kenya Mica saw many grinning faces.

It didn't matter who won the boat races.

The water was so bright and so blue, 

more amazing than Mica thought true.

"We call it Maulidi here,

we celebrate it every year.

"If you want a feast to eat,

go to America for a tasty treat."

Next Mica met Adrianna where she was living,

she was eager to share her Thanksgiving.


“People travel whatever the weather,

to see family, friends and get together. 


“To eat turkey, ham and other meats,

with cranberry, yams and sweeter treats.


“Beans and stuffing, to name a few,

pies made of pecan and pumpkin, too.


“When the food is all just crumbs,

we watch football with fattened tums!


“We call it Thanksgiving here

we celebrate it every year.


“For eight days of nice things to eat,

Denis in Israel is the boy to meet.”

So next place on the discovery trail, 

Mica met Denis in Israel.


“This is a candle holder,” Denis said.

“To the eight days we look ahead.

Each night a candle is lit,

and a small gift given, bit by bit.

“We cook oily fried food,

That is tasty and good.

Like doughnuts and potato cakes,

we eat ‘til our stomach aches.


“We call it Hanukkah here.

we celebrate it every year.


“But to see lots of funny fancy dress,

I think Lebanon is the best.”

There Mica met Dimitri who said “Hey,

let me teach you about St Barbara’s Day.


“This is where me and all the guys 

dress up with masks and go in disguise.

With fabulous costumes everyone tries 

to hide who they are and create a surprise.


“We visit every home

in the neighbourhood

and we get a pudding, 

if our costumes are good.

“It’s made of sugar, wheat, 

and pomegranate.”

Mica sure loved to eat 

the food on this planet!


“St Barbara’s Day is such fun here,

we celebrate it every year.


“To see a million candles glow 

off to Colombia, you must go.”

So Mica then met Angela there.

She was really excited to share

what her country’s traditions are all about

so Mica understood, and was in no doubt.


It’s true there were candles everywhere,

in every house, street and square.

“We light candles and torches, 

and lanterns in porches, 

in doorways and window ledges, 

along paths and building edges.

Pretty much everywhere in sight,

candles light up the dark night.

“We call it Dia de las Velitas here,

we do it in December every year.


“If you want a present or two,

the UK at Christmas is just right for you.”

So Mica flew to the UK

the night before Christmas day, 

meeting Rose, who gave explanations

of all the busy preparations.


“We’ll take a stocking” Rose said,

“then hang it up here right by our bed.

Presents are for the morning
and we must resist,

otherwise, we could make  

Father Christmas’ naughty list.


“On the night before Christmas 

he’ll come while we sleep,

with dolls and toys

for good girls and boys.

“He is fat and jolly and loves to visit.

He rides a sleigh, spreading Christmas spirit.

He goes to every home in just one night,

traveling from the North Pole, keeping out of sight.


“Father Christmas is a part of celebrations here,

this is what happens every year.


“A trip to Spain awaits,

Lucia can help you meet some mates!”

So Mica landed in a crowded square

and met a girl called Lucia there.

“At midnight before the New Year

we make twelve grapes disappear.

“By the time all twelve bells have struck

you must have eaten them all, for good luck!

Chew and swallow them in time,

just be finished when the last bell chimes.

“Mica, don’t you just love it here?

We celebrate like this every year!

“Next to China you should fly

for a dragon dance and more to spy.”

The curious young space bear

met a boy called Steven there.


“This is our New Year celebration,

one we share across the nation.

Our New Year is at the start of spring

so first we have to clean everything!


“Scrubbing the floors, ever so keen,

it is important that we all must clean.

When you get rid of dirt and muck,

you’re also removing old bad luck.”

“I can see that you’re all wearing red, 

but, why?” The space bear said.

“To us it means fresh hopes, a brand new start,

it’s a special time so it’s nice to be smart.


“Sadly, Mica it’s time for you to go,

but you’re always welcome, you should know.

Mica, promise us you will keep in touch,

because we will all miss you very much.”

Mica got home later that night

so happy, joyful and full of delight.

Suddenly, from space Mica did find

something so incredibly kind.

A present from Earth arrived at the door,

pictures of new friends Mica met before.

This was a story

about being alone,

about finding friends

far from your home.

How we are different

but need the same things,

when we share with each other

see the joy that it brings.

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